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‘Orange Is New Black’ Spoilers: Is There Justice For Poussey’s Death? Leaked Season 5 Episodes Give Answers

Will there be justice for Poussey’s death in Season 5 of Orange is the New Black?

One of the biggest lingering questions from last season of the popular Netflix drama was answered early, with hackers releasing 10 episodes from the upcoming season after Netflix balked at paying a ransom for them.

While many fans have debated the ethics of finding the episodes on one of the many torrent sites they’re circulating around on (and some of the leaked Orange is the New Black episodes even showing up on YouTube, hanging around for a few hours at a time before the site takes them down), others have dived in and are already sharing some Orange is the New Black spoilers.

HOLLYWOOD MOVIE HACK: New Netflix episodes of ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK leaked online by hacker

— infocounty (@infocountyblog) April 30, 2017

As viewers remember, Poussey died when trying to break up a confrontation between Crazy Eyes and the prison guard Bayley. Poussey ended up pinned to the ground with Bayley’s knee in her back, where the guard could not hear her pleas that she could not breathe. The scene was reminiscent of other recent deaths of black suspects at the hands of police, including Eric Garner in New York who died under almost identical circumstances, and made it clear that Season 5 of Orange is the New Black would have a particularly socially conscious bend.

In many of those cases, the victims died with no real sense of justice, so fans of OITNB are going into Season 5 hoping that someone will be held accountable for Poussey’s death. There isn’t any longer to wait, with spoilers from leaked Orange is the New Black episodes revealing whether Poussey will see justice for her death.

[WARNIING: Orange is the New Black Season 5 spoilers ahead. If you want to avoid knowing what happens in the wake of Poussey’s death, you can pick up reading at the bolded text below.]

After the riot, the prisoners take it into their own hands to find justice for Poussey and to tell the world details about her death. While others were gathering up guards as hostages, another group made a video in which Joe Caputo read from a prepared statement saying that Poussey’s death was murder.

The video was then uploaded to the internet, with the hope of the message getting out and going viral.

There’s not a full story of what happens from there. As many have noted, the 10 episodes released so far are not necessarily in order and not the full season, so the final story of what happens after Poussey’s death remains to be seen.

[This is the end of spoilers about Poussey’s death.]

The producers of Orange is the New Black have been playing up Poussey’s death and the impact it will have on Season 5. As reported, the show even commissioned artists to pay tribute to the character in real life while also drumming up interest in the next season of the show.

“Artists based in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Detroit, Toronto, San Francisco, Sydney, and Melbourne will paint murals to pay tribute to the beloved Orange Is the New Black character and get people talking about the upcoming Season 5. The murals will include the slogan “Stand Up” in the art. According a report from The Associated Press, Netflix has given the artists all the freedom to do whatever they want as long as Poussey is pictured, #OITNB is included, and “Stand Up” is featured.”

Those who want to wait to find out the Orange is the New Black Season 5 spoilers and want to see the reaction to Poussey’s death the way Netflix intended, there isn’t that much longer to wait. The next season is set to debut on Friday, June 9, at 3:01 a.m. ET (12:01 a.m. PT).

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