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Piers Morgan Accuses Theresa May Of Blocking MPs Appearing On ‘Good Morning Britain’

Piers Morgan has accused Theresa May of blocking MPs from appearing on ‘Good Morning Britain’, after Michael Fallon pulled out of an interview on Tuesday (27 June).

The Defence Secretary was due to appear on the ITV breakfast show to face questions about the Grenfell Tower fire, but Piers claimed he changed his mind at the last minute, instead choosing to appear on rival programme ‘BBC Breakfast’.

Launching into a rant live on-air, Piers branded Fallon “completely cowardly”, as he apologised to viewers for not having anybody on the show from the government or shadow cabinet to give answers about the disaster.

Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid on ‘Good Morning Britain’

“Michael Fallon agreed to appear on this show today but changed his mind at midnight last night and bottled it,” he fumed. “Apparently he’s on the BBC now so if you want to get a load of soft balls to talk to, Michael Fallon get on the BBC; be my guest.

“He should have been here facing tough questions about what this government is doing to handle what I think is the greatest disaster crisis we’ve had to deal with in decades.”

Piers continued: “No one from the Shadow Cabinet could be bothered either, they didn’t fancy it.

“None of them want to talk about this because it is a complete disgrace that stains all of them. All of the Labour and Tory councils have failed and their failure to come on and defend it is shocking.”

Defence Secretary Michael Fallon pulled out of an appearance on the programme

Claiming the Prime Minister may have had something to do with Fallon’s change of heart, Piers went on: “I am so sorry we haven’t got people from the government here today. Theresa May has blocked anybody from coming in to the programme – but apparently, they are appearing on other outlets.

“They don’t want to come on our show because they don’t want to face the tough questions. I think that’s completely cowardly. Sir Michael Fallon, shame on you for saying you’d come on the show, then pulling out at midnight.

“You should be here talking to the people of this country whose lives have been affected – many of whom will be watching this programme. Shame on you.

“I want people at the top of the system to come on here, face the music and answer the difficult questions.”

However, sources close to the government have insisted to HuffPost UK that Piers’ claims are “completely untrue”.

Piers’ annoyance at Fallon’s appearance on ‘BBC Breakfast’ came just a week after he lashed out at the show for being “predictable”, following a recent ratings surge for ‘GMB’.

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