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Spending the Night with Alice Cooper at the Paramount Theatre, Denver

The circus may be closed this year, but Alice Cooper and his bandmates brought their own Halloween circus to the Paramount Theatre in Denver, CO. Monday night June 12, 2017. It was full of horrors, thrills and incredible hard shock rock music that lashed out into the audience like a sadomasochist’s bull whip. The Night was ripe with ghoulish splendor and spectacle. It was a ride through an incredible haunted house that was impeccably produced and staged. It delivered Alice’s brand of shock Rock in a way that was both polished and practiced as well spontaneous and explosive, and yes it was a pleasure to "Spend the night with Alice Cooper."

The Music of Alice Cooper exists in a time warp. This was not an oldies revival show from the seventies, Cooper’s music lives in the present. Alice Cooper concerts create long lasting impressions that embed in our minds and refuse to be forgotten. There were whole families in attendance Monday night, from grandparents to babes in arms. The evening was in many ways a wonderfully twisted generational family affair with Alice Cooper t-shirts for the whole family. As macabre as this show is, there is a sense of suspended reality about it that provides a safe space for the audience. In its essence, it is shock rock opera/theater that can only be experienced by being there.

The Band backing Alice Cooper were stellar musicians that brought life and energy to everything played on stage. They also took on what seemed to be supporting character roles that danced around Alice’s Mephistopheles character like minor demons from Dante’s Inferno. Guitarist Nita Strauss was a standout. Her powerful and sensual female presence coupled with her virtuoso guitar work added a striking counterpoint to Alice’s demonic presence on stage.

Alice Cooper himself was outstanding. Like his music, there is a timeless quality to his onstage character that his audience wholly embraces. He described it this way in a recent AXS interview, “The audience has become endeared to this villain, kind of like Captain Hook. Peter Pan is kind of ho-hum compared to Captain Hook.” However, Alice, like Peter Pan refuses to grow old. Alice Cooper was everything his audience hoped for Monday night. As always, it was an event to be remembered, with stories that will be handed down and shared with those unfortunate enough to have missed it. Take a look at the photo gallery above for a glimpse into the fantastic world of Alice Cooper live. The next time you can "Spend the night with Alice Cooper" will be June 20, 2017, at the Rabobank Theater in Bakersfield, CA. You can get your Ticket here on Alice Cooper is also touring with Deep Purple in 2017. Keep it here on for all things Alice Cooper.